The Commodity markets are a very liquid and widely traded market. AS an investor you can buy or sell based on your perception of any commodity like Gold, Silver, Energy and Agri products, .

With 24-hour trading and large liquidity, commodities like Gold and Silver offer various opportunities. You can now open retail accounts with a large or small deposit and flexible leverage based on your requirements with financial institutions associated with Elfina.
  • Anyone can trade the Commodities like GOLD and SILVER with Ease
  • Elfina offered free guidance to help you get started
  • easy account opening and funding facility
  • Online platform which offers access to markets 24 hours and all 5 trading days
  • Easy to use platform
  • 24 hour trade support
The trading platforms offered by Financial Institutions offers a wide variety of features including  free charting and other trading tools to help you trade/invest.